NIEUW dubbele bassdrumbracket, 2 x tombrackets en 2 x tomarmen lang

€ 55,00 € 35,00


with tom arm protectors and speed lockers

for tube Ø 22.5 mm

And with a double memory lock for 2 tom arms

distance 117 x 58 x 117 x 58 mm

It is a bassdrum bracket with speedlockers and a double memory lock system.

A nice design bassdrum bracket with 2 very handy options. First off all it has fast speed lockers to lock your tom arms very fast. The second nice option is the double memory lock for the tom arms. With the next gig you set up the tom arms in the right position as the previous gig. Fast, eay and secure.

The product is brand new:


- For "Pearl" type tom arms (appr. 22.5 mm diameter)

- distance for the bolts: 117 x 58 x 117 x 58 mm

- Inside nylon rings to protect the tube of your tom arm against scratches, dents, etc.

- With the bassdrum bracket the belonging bolts and rings


2 x tom bracket

tom bracket with speed lock

For tom arm 22.5 mm

distance 50 x 50 x 50 mm


2 x Tomarm

Tube diameter 22.5 mm (Pearl type)

Length tubes 375 - 100 mm

Incl. 2 x memory locks

With spring for better locking

set €35,00